If you’re considering making the transition to a private practice or trying to grow an already existing one, you’re an entrepreneur.

This is a no brainer. I’ve said this before.

But what is an entrepreneur?

Why does it matter more than anything to recognize this drive inside of you?

The entrepreneur is an explorer. They’re willing to go into unchartered territories in their life in search of a better life for themselves and others. They are committed to serving society on their own terms in a way that aligns with their values and aspirations.

But make no mistake, an entrepreneur faces the same trials, triumphs and tribulations during any great expedition.


You will come up against your biggest demons. You will face fears of failing. You will hide in a corner from self-doubt. You will consider turning around when times get tough. You will feel weak. Small. Crazy. Uncertain. Angry. Lethargic. Unmotivated. And stupid.

You will feel exalted after getting your first ten clients. A feeling of gratitude and humility will overtake you after a powerful session with a client in your own office space. You will feel thankful, expansive, passionate, mission driven and powerful.

You will feel it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

But this is all really good news. Actually it’s great news.

When you’re an entrepreneur you’re stretching yourself beyond your current paradigm of the way you live your life.

The entrepreneur seeks to help others in a way that’s fresh and innovative, which means risking our entire sense of comfort and familiarity in order to create the space in our lives for something new to emerge.

We risk being loved, ridiculed, idealized and judged. And you will be loved, ridiculed, idealized and judged in your private practice if you’re truly being yourself.

That’s why the successful entrepreneur embraces their darkest demons. They know they have to grow beyond them as fast as a sunflower reaching toward the sun, or they will die and wither and get overtaken by the weeds in the mind. The successful entrepreneur is willing to make the descent into the inferno in order to emerge wiser, braver and more accomplished.

But there’s another purpose for all this resistance of the mind when building our practice.

The demons are the mind’s attempt to put in it’s last effort to keep things the same. The mind hates change. It hates expansion. It hates new territory. Sure, it will fantasize about it all day long.

In fact, it would rather fantasize to the end of time what it would be like to be bigger, greater, more abundant and more prosperous, rather than actually doing it. Because when you actually do it, the mind has to let go of old habits, patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. So, it’s a psychic death of sorts in order to have a birth of a new paradigm.

I will be the first to tell you growing is painful as hell at times. We have to breakthrough and move beyond a comfort zone that’s like concrete. We have to do it over and over. No one is immune to it. It requires discipline, commitment, and steadfastness to get there. But it’s the only way to reach your full potential.

In my opinion, if you’re not reaching for your full potential, you will likely die with resent and regret. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s true.

Your birthright as a human is to bring your gift to serve others in it’s fullest form. You have a profoundly important gift. When you don’t hone in on it, refine it, bring it fully, I guarantee you will live with a form of conflict, regret and uncertainty in your life.

And that sucks.

But growing and expansion is not all misery. That’s only half the story if that. If it were, why the heck would anyone do it. I know I wouldn’t.

When the reward comes it’s divine. The entrepreneur lives royally, because they are willing to put themselves time and time again into the fire of growth to serve the greater good. That is why the successful entrepreneur is always paid handsomely.

The successful entrepreneur experiences a confidence that is profoundly tangible and deeply satisfying. When you create a business such as a therapy practice, an overwhelming sense of purpose guides you throughout every day of your life.

If you’re considering growing a practice or wanting to expand an already existing one, I highly encourage you to step two feet in and go for it with all of your heart and soul. No matter what happens you will definitely live a fuller and expanded version of yourself.

And that is the greatest gift you can offer humanity.

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Keith Kurlander

Keith Kurlander is the founder of Higher Practice, a company dedicated to helping therapists achieve their highest potential in private practice. He has two decades of combined experience in business administration, group facilitation, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, yoga instruction and as a licensed professional counselor in private practice.

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