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Busting Through Treatment Resistance with Ketamine – HPP 46

In this podcast, Dr. Will Van Derveer, founder and Medical Director of the Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center, shares his knowledge about Ketamine and its clinical uses in a psychiatric context. Ketamine has a long history in medicine, however, it is only recently that its healing benefits for treatment-resistant psychiatric patients are being discovered. When correctly used, it has been found to literally create breakthroughs for people with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, suicidality, and OCD.

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What you’re feeling, you were always feeling – HPP 45

We often assume that suffering is directly correlated to a person or event in the present, when in reality the root likely stems from our most early years of life. Keith explores the mind of the child and how mental accomplishments and struggles follow you into adulthood and what impact that has on your life. With this said, it’s safe to say that, most likely, what you’ve been struggling with, you’ve always been struggling with.

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Inspiring Treatment-Resistant Clients with Coaching Techniques – HPP 44

It is common to come across clients who resist treatment even though they keep seeking out therapy services. Resistance to change is both an important strategy for maintaining familiarity, as well as a roadblock to making necessary shifts. Keith explores certain coaching techniques, particularly the study of values and cognitive and behavioral applications as a way to help clients move beyond treatment resistance and into a state of transformation.

Typically, clients who fight change feel as though they are disconnected from their purpose. This is evident in the fact that purpose grounds people into a direction for their life where they will embrace both difficulties and rewards along the way to achieving it. Once we can help clients bridge that gap into their deepest purpose, things become more clear and they tend to become more adaptable and fluid in their lives. With this this in mind Keith will share a number of other coaching tools on how to inspire resistant clients to get off the couch and go after what they want in the world.have an easier time inspiring your treatment-resistant clients’ into a place of clarity and hope.

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7 Ways to Combat the Summer Caseload Drop Off – HPP 43

It’s known that with school out of session and vacation days being used, it is hard to obtain steady clients, and a dependable income. A number of years ago, Keith grew tired of this feast and famine mentality driven by the summer caseload drop off. Believing it “just has to be this way” is driven […]

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A Working Definition of Mental Health – HPP 42

How do we know if we are in a state of mental health or illness? In modern clinical psychology, the definition of “mental health” and “mental illness” is not a stable, set definition; but it is an important one. In fact, a true working definition of mental health has never really been defined. In order […]

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