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Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment: An Insider’s Perspective – HPP 10

Ayahuasca is a traditional amazonian plant medicine that contains the hallucinogenic substance DMT. You may have heard of it because Ayahuasca has become quite popular among spiritual seekers in recent years. There have been many articles and documentaries about it, and often the news coverage exploits the problems people have experienced with it.

However, this traditional medicine is also used in certain areas of the world as a way to help addicts in recovery and the results are quite remarkable. In this episode, we have a special guest, Guili Zavaschi, a former therapist at the Takawasi Rehab Center in Peru. Takawasi is one of the few addiction centers in the world legally using Ayahuasca for the treatment and recovery from devastating addictions. Guili shares his first-hand experience as a therapist working with patients at Takawasi, the amazing process he witnessed patients go through, and an exploration into Ayahuasca’s miracles and potential dangers.

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Ceremonies and Nature-based Rituals in Counseling – HPP 09

We live in a fast-paced environment. Very few people are immune to the distracting side of technology that can dismember our connection to the natural world. Our connection with nature is paramount to feeling connected to something beyond the self. Without this connection we can feel isolated, withdrawn and even empty.

In this episode, Katie Asmus talks about wilderness therapy and nature-based therapy. One of the most compelling topics in this interview is how you can use nature-based ritual and ceremony to foster healing in your clients so that you are not always relying on yourself as the primary healer. 

She explores specific ways to work with clients in the wilderness, simple, yet powerful rituals and ceremonies you can do with clients inside or outside of the office, and other ways to help clients feel connected to the natural world.

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How an IUD Nearly Ruined This Woman’s Life – HPP 08

Have you ever had a client with physical or mental health symptoms that festered for months or years but you couldn’t get to the root cause? In this episode, we have a courageous woman willing to share her personal story of a debilitating seven year journey of complex neurological and psychiatric issues that nearly ruined her life. After countless doctors, misdiagnoses and failed treatment protocols, her own intuition led to an extremely simple discovery that eliminated her symptoms within days and probably saved her life.

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Integrative Psychiatry: A New Understanding of Mental Illness and Human Potential – HPP 07

The medical model commonly found in psychiatry focuses heavily on categorizing a constellation of symptoms into mental health disorders. This is a useful approach when a person needs medication to reduce those symptoms in order to function in their lives.

Integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Will Van Derveer, explores root causes of mental illness as imbalances in the body created by a number of factors that are easily treatable but often overlooked.

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The Embodied Therapist: The Ground Beneath the Surface – HPP 06

Imagine if your body could talk to you..well, it actually does. I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of things about mindfulness, presence and embodiment. And you may have explored these concepts to varying degrees. In this episode, we are going into the depths of somatic psychology with a pioneer and expert looking specifically at the healing potential of an embodied therapist.

We’re going to explore some really interesting concepts in biology and cellular physiology that impact mental health and wellness. And of course, the role of embodiment in a therapeutic setting. It’s best to listen to this at normal speed because you’re going to get taken through some exercises that are really essential to understanding the concept of presence and connection to your body.

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