Yay! The holiday season is here. It’s a wonderful time of year. Thanksgiving is just a few days away. And a bunch more holidays are just around the corner.

I want to thank you so much for being a part of our community and doing your part in transforming the world in so many ways.

In just a bit I want to share with you why the holidays bring new clients to private practices if you make yourself available to them.

But before that I believe Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to reflect upon what you are grateful for in your personal and professional life right now. We spend so little time truly recognizing our accomplishments and also how we are already provided for in so many ways.

I really encourage you to use this time to get very present. Take an inventory where you’ve come this past year and for the moment don’t worry about challenges or where you want to be in the future.  

It’s a time to embrace how you have grown, evolved and changed.

Many therapists who have been practicing for awhile will often tell you right around the holidays or just after there is a surge of new clients. You will see this in many public mental health organizations as well as in well-established private practices.

It’s no surprise along with the holidays come many interpersonal interactions with family, friends and your larger community.

In the weeks prior to the holidays you can usually feel that build up of energy in the air.  There is excitement and joy. In this way it so often a very fulfilling time of year interpersonally and spiritually.

However, there is a shadow to the holidays that therapists are usually only privy to.  

Once the holidays have commenced or are even after they have ended there is often a lot of family dynamics and unspoken dynamics that got stirred up. There can be big disappointment, sadness, and even loss.

This can cause so much distress for some people that it can force them into therapy for the first time in their life.

As a therapist in private practice, I saw this year after year during the holiday season. I was able to sit with people who experienced tremendous joy, while other were experiencing intense pain.

If you are a therapist just growing your practice or wanting to expand and you feel passionate about working with new clients during the holiday season there are things you can do to let them know you exist and how you can be of service.

First off, make sure you are very active in social media channels during this time. We are generally connecting with more people from more parts of our lives during the holidays.

By extending your reach in social media and occasionally promoting your practice, you are on the minds of many people in your orbit that will encounter someone struggling with the holiday season.

If you receive referrals from a therapist or practitioner that is generally full, now is an important time to give them a call, wish them happy holidays and let them know you have openings. It is likely that they will receive a lot of calls in the coming months as the holidays pass.

Finally, don’t forget to send holiday cards or emails to all of your referral sources. It’s generous to let them know you care about them and all that they do for you.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and really experience abundance, joy and fulfillment during this time. As business owners, we also need to respect and understand the seasons we face and how to adjust accordingly so we can find new clients and serve them in the best way possible.

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Keith Kurlander

Keith Kurlander is the founder of Higher Practice, a company dedicated to helping therapists achieve their highest potential in private practice. He has two decades of combined experience in business administration, group facilitation, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level, yoga instruction and as a licensed professional counselor in private practice.

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