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Integrative Psychiatry: A New Understanding of Mental Illness and Human Potential

Use this highly effective training to learn how to identify root causes of mental illness so you can help your clients reach their full potential.

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When it comes time to renew your professional license, do you ever find yourself caught off guard and in a bit of a scramble trying to pack in your CE requirements? Between family and personal life, and the cost of enrollment and travel expenses, it’s all too easy to just haphazardly sign up for the most convenient CE’s available, but unfortunately this can often leave therapists feeling like they’re just going through the motions and not actually getting enriched along the way.

Our mission at the Higher Practice Institute is to provide you with affordable, ongoing clinical education that not only fulfills licensure requirements, but radically impacts your ability to help clients' lives and supports you to grow personally in the process.

From the Founder

Thank you for choosing to dedicate your time to a career where you are literally on the front lines of alleviating unnecessary suffering and supporting people to reach their highest potential. As a mental health professional, you bring an invaluable contribution to your community and the larger world.

We are in a unique situation in this profession. In order to deeply understand the application of skills and techniques for mental, emotional, and spiritual development, it's essential to examine oneself and to know the terrain of personal growth intimately. We've taken on a sacred profession in this way. As students of transformation, we learn from other professionals, teachers, mentors, and our own experience; as professionals, we guide our clients using knowledge, wisdom, science, intuition, and care.

Our institute is a global solution that brings mental health professionals together into an online learning community where you can access a growing library of courses that will broaden and challenge your understanding of mental health, illness and human transformation.

I wish you blessings and support as you continue to reach your potential and help your clients to do the same.


Keith Kurlander


Higher Practice

Higher Practice Institute Courses

We chose a name that represents our commitment to curating courses that stand out in the arena of healing mental illness and reaching the highest expression of human experience. We call it the "Higher Practice Institute," because that’s exactly what we are: an institute devoted entirely to therapists achieving their highest potential.

With the addition of new courses every month to our library, the Higher Practice Institute is a place for you to continually evolve as a practitioner, while applying these teachings to your work with clients. Courses are typically two hours long, which translates to two CE hours.

The days of getting a home study packet in the mail and taking a quiz for CE credits are ending. We made our online platform as engaging as possible to accommodate different learning styles. As an institute member you get everything…education, community connection, and exposure to innovative techniques and discoveries in the field of counseling.

Here’s a quick look at some of our unique presenters and courses that are already waiting for you inside the Higher Practice Institute:

Integrative Psychiatry: A Curative Approach to Mental Illness

The medical model commonly found in psychiatry focuses heavily on categorizing a constellation of symptoms into mental health disorders. This is a useful approach when a person needs medication to reduce those symptoms in order to function in their lives. However, where this model falls short is in truly identifying the root causes of mental suffering.

In this presentation, Dr. Will Vanderveer focuses on specific lifestyle changes clients can make, culprits in our diets that cause psychiatric conditions, basic nutritional supplementation for mood and sleep disorders, and an extensive look into current research on inflammation in the body and how it affects the mind.

Why Relationships Fail and a New Model for Thriving Partnerships

With the challenges faced in modern relationships, it makes sense why so many of them end with a sense of incompletion and failure. As therapists, there have been a lot of tools and models developed to deal with this dilemma, but partnerships rarely achieve optimal states of health, attachment and intimacy.

Jayson Gaddis, relationship expert and founder of the relationship school, is going to discuss how to do relationships in a truly meaningful and healthy way. He's going to teach a new model and open a doorway for you on why so many people struggle in their partnerships and a different paradigm for clients to break out of the cycle.

The Neurobiology of Play Therapy: A Synergetic Perspective

In an optimal environment, most children will experience a healthy developmental process and not exhibit signs of overwhelming distress and emotional imbalances. Unfortunately, parenting is not common sense as many people expect. In a world filled with many distractions, it’s quite easy to mis-attune to our children and have significant issues surface that need attention.

Lisa Dion, founder and CEO of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and Synergetic Play Therapy, discusses the importance of authenticity and authentic expression as a Play Therapy clinician, why your own “window of tolerance” matters more than your think, the neurobiology of children, and techniques for Play Therapy.

Complex PTSD and Dissociation: A Resilience Informed Approach

Trauma theories and therapies have been gaining a lot of attention in our field in the last decade. It’s really for a good reason. Neuroscience and the advancement of somatic therapies have unlocked new ways of working with trauma that were very difficult to treat.

In this presentation, Dr. Arielle Schwartz is going to explain the concept of Complex PTSD and how it differs from what typically comes to mind when we think of trauma. Complex PTSD is often interpersonal trauma that happened over a period of time during early childhood. Even within this definition there are degrees of how severely a person is traumatized and many people walking down the street, whether it’s you or your client, may have a degree of Complex PTSD that we are attempting to overcome.

Body Justice: Therapists as Catalysts for Social Change

Imagine a world where body weight is not an issue in order to live a joyous and free life, and that your body was designed perfectly. No matter who you are or where you come from you have a body. Everyday we are relating to this body on conscious and unconscious levels. We think about what our bodies look like, feel like, and the size of our body.

In this course, Carmen presents an alternative view about body size and mental health. She discusses the Health at Every Size Movement, applications to clients dealing with body issues, intuitive eating, indicators of body introjects, how the diet culture affects our clients and more. This new type of dialogue about the body is challenging, however, it’s an essential move toward a healthier way to be in the bodies that we all inhabit.

The Enneagram Personality System: Clinical Applications

Personality systems have been around for a long time in the field of psychology. They’ve obviously influenced our culture when we say things like, "That person has a type A personality." And systems like the Myers-briggs have infiltrated non-profits and corporate America to help people understand each other and work together in better ways.

Max Brandel is going to give an overview of the Enneagram personality system and the transformational power it has in a psychotherapeutic application. Unlike other personality systems, the Enneagram looks deeply into both the health and neurotic tendencies of personality types. This allows therapists to use it as a psycho-educational tool with clients and how they show up in their lives, but also as a direct therapeutic intervention.

And so much more...

By joining today, you get immediate access to our entire library…and we are always updating our institute with more courses that you won't want to miss.


Higher Practice, LLC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6876. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Higher Practice, LLC is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

As an ACEP provider by the NBCC, all Higher Practice Institute's courses designated with the NBCC seal are approved for continuing education hours.

What exactly does all of this mean?

Depending on your licensure and state's requirements, you can start to earn continuing education hours as soon as you enroll in our institute! Our fee structure is simple, your monthly membership includes unlimited access to our growing library of courses. There's no additional charge to obtain CE's in our institute. And it's all included in your trial period.

Even better, the Business Mastery Course is approved for 10 CE hours as an NBCC provider. So now you can learn how to build your practice and get CE hours in the process.

We are also in the process of obtaining other accreditations to meet requirements of various license types and state requirements.

Business Mastery Course

As a Higher Practice Institute member, you also receive full access to our Business Mastery Course. Our Business Mastery Course is the most comprehensive business development program available anywhere for therapists thinking about starting or growing a private practice.

Through our accelerated approach, we teach therapists the marketing strategies and business tools they need to fill their practice from scratch or increase client loads and profits in an already existing one.

We created an entire approach with checklists, flowcharts, advanced video lessons for all learning styles, actionable steps, and access to our online community forum, just to name a few! Our method is without a doubt the most complete MARKETING system for therapists anywhere so you can finally stop guessing what to do, and instead start to cross off items from your “To-Do List” that will actually bring new clients in the door.

Here's a look at just a few modules of our Business Mastery course included in your institute subscription:

Developing Your Wealth Plan

Imagine a thriving practice that fulfills your mission and financial goals, while staying grounded in your values...

We start off with concrete exercises to help you identify your mission and vision as an entrepreneur. After establishing the “ground,” we introduce “hard” business skills with lessons such as: "Generating Six-Figures Authentically," "The Abundant Multi-Service Practitioner," and "The Higher Practice Success Plan."

The Psychology of a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you unpacked your feelings about creating a private practice? How about your relationship to money?

Emotional blocks are one of the biggest roadblocks that stop therapists from reaching their highest potential in private practice. In this plan we address issues such as: "Changing Behavioral Patterns That Stop You In Your Tracks," "Overcoming Any Money Shadow," and "How To Turn Expenses Into Generating New Clients."

Standing Out As a Practicioner

If you’re like most therapists, the thought of marketing yourself can be uncomfortable and scary.

The good news is that marketing yourself in our profession is actually more natural than you may think. By using modern branding concepts such as authenticity and storytelling, we’ll teach you how to "Attract Your Ideal Clients," "Write Stellar Content To Draw People To You," and "How to Create a Business Name and Logo."

The Undeniable Influence of Your Website

In our digital age, your website is your client’s first impression. A website can make or break a practice.

Most clients will have high expectations with anything related to technology. A website needs to tell the entire “story” of your private practice while on the cutting-edge of modern design. We will teach you the "Website 101: Basics," "Optimizing Your Site As a Therapist," and "Laser Sharp Marketing With Google Analytics?

Click here to learn more about our Business Mastery Course

Higher Practice Institute Forum

As an institute member, you’re also getting access to our private facebook group, “HPI Hub.”

The HPI Hub is all about:

  • Sharing what’s working, and...
  • Getting help with what isn’t.
  • Staying up to date with the latest scientific and therapeutic discoveries relevant to working with clients.
  • Gaining exposure to an international community that is constantly studying, training and improving skills in unique modalities.
  • Receiving support from me and my team.
  • Hear inspiring stories from therapists around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in each presentation?

Generally, our two-hour presentations include a video of the presenter, a split screen with a powerpoint, an interview portion, and a quiz and survey to complete in order to receive your course certificate. Our technology allows you to stream our videos as long as you have an internet connection, which means you can listen to the audio only in the car, watch the video in a cafe, or a combination at home and in the office.

Is There a Guarantee?

We believe everyone should feel completely satisfied with their membership. Therefore, we offer a 14 day trial period so you can cancel before your first monthly charge.

Also, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. We think you will love the institute and want to continue with us on your journey as you grow as a therapist, but if for any reason it isn’t the right fit for you, we want you to feel assured that you can cancel.

How long will it take to get access to this institute?

As soon as you enroll you will have immediate access.

How do I find out if your accreditation matches my state requirements?

You will need to visit your state's government website. You should be able to find information about licensure and CE requirements there.

What if your courses don't meet my licensure requirements?

We are in the process of receiving other accreditations. However, we are unable to disclose status updates per rules of the accreditation boards, so please check back here frequently to see if additional accreditations have been received or you can always inquire at [email protected].

Our mission at Higher Practice is to provide you with ongoing clinical trainings that radically improve your ability to impact your clients' lives, as well your own. Continuing education credits are a necessary formality in our profession to show we are educating ourselves in an ongoing manner, but are also a secondary gain to our core mission. We encourage you to join our institute, take the courses and start to experience the Higher Practice difference for yourself.

Do you have any examples of what other people are saying about the institute?

Here are just a few...

"Taking the Higher Practice online courses was the spark I needed...the trainings invited me to look at my work from a whole new perspective, resulting in a return to the heart and soul of my therapy practice. Now the clients who are drawn to my work are finding me."

Teresa Barrett

"Higher Practice is more than a training program: it's a way of thinking. Along with providing practical skills, Higher Practice has offered me a more holistic perspective into my career and life. After every lesson I feel more confident in my ability to relate to my inner AND outer world. Ultimately, what I'm taking away is the knowing that I have the ability to provide an excellent service while living the life I want to live! What a gift!"

Alex Antonucci

​​"Higher Practice has graced my life! It is empowering, practical, and employs deep wisdom. As a professional in the healing arts, I'm committed to creating a life of service and abundance. I cannot think of a better support than what Higher Practice has given me. The videos are astute and accessible and the hands-on worksheets ground the learning into the world. I cannot thank Keith and his team enough for what he has created, not just for me but for the global community."

Jonah Jensen

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