The Coaching Solution

The business mentorship you've been waiting for

Higher Results

Higher Practice's business coaching method will help you achieve greater results in a shorter amount of time so that you:

  • Launch or grow a thriving practice
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Harness your creativity
  • Feel fulfilled in your work
  • Live the lifestyle you desire
  • Achieve your financial goals

Created With You In Mind

You’re Done Struggling on Your Own

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel or struggle in isolation when building your practice. Quality business mentorship will help you with establish key strategies, while receiving feedback in order to make adjustments toward your goals.

You Desire an Authentic Work Life

Coaching isn’t for everyone. It takes commitment, dedication and persistence on your part. But if you’re ready, we’ll help you raise your game. We’ll challenge you to reach your potential, by showing you how to implement best business practices so you can enhance your own life and the lives of your clients.

You’re Ready to Take It to the Next Level

Are you living and working in integrity? Do you feel completely genuine in your approach to building your practice? Let’s make sure that your values and priorities are always shaping your choices in an effective way.

You Know You Need to Sharpen Your Business Skills

Concrete information and tools such as bookkeeping, marketing, financial planning and operations—coupled with encouragement and accountability—will take your practice to where it needs to be.

Higher Potential

Our mission is to help as many therapists as possible reach their highest potential in private practice in order to raise consciousness and better the world. We stand fully behind our mission.

At Higher Practice, we’re constantly seeking to achieve higher levels of mastery in everything we do and, in the process, to realize our own potential. We will challenge you to do the same.

Our business coaches have traveled the road from self-doubt to realizing their dreams. By choosing a coaching package that is right for you, we will help you avoid common pitfalls and provide you with a safety net as you take the leap to a higher practice.

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