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The Ultimate Marketing
Solution For Therapists

The Higher Practice Institute isn’t an ordinary business school. Our learning community is the most comprehensive business development program available anywhere for therapists.

Through our accelerated approach, we teach therapists the marketing strategies and business tools they need to fill their practice from scratch or increase client loads and profits in an already existing one.

…this system …literally shows you everything I used to grow my own six-figure heart-centered practice.

From: Keith Kurlander, Founder and CEO of Higherpractice.com

I want to honor you for the sacred journey of conscious entrepreneurship that you’re on!

Growing a private practice requires that you pay attention to your desires, vision, purpose, willfulness, as well as old behavioral and psychological patterns that may slow you down. This process will reveal to you how you relate to money and whether you feel a sense of scarcity or abundance in your life.

It’s a big journey that you’ve undertaken. But it’s also one of the most important journey’s in your life. You’re literally working toward healing this planet one person at a time.

I’m making you an extremely important offer today, and if you choose to take it, it will cost you just $47.00 per month. This small investment will give you instant access to our institute where you will start your journey of conscious entrepreneurship and filling your practice.

Although this investment is small, it will likely help you grow your practice more than anything else that you will ever do.

Now For Some Really Good News…

In exchange for your small financial commitment, literally the price of a meal out on the town, I’m giving you the greatest resource I can think of offering a therapist who wants to reach their highest potential in private practice.

By taking me up on this today, you gain access to the Higher Practice Institute, which includes our entire digital library of business, marketing and emotionally supportive resources…an invaluable asset, complete with our step-by-step approach to filling a practice.

And I want you to have…all of this

…plus a bunch of other essential types of support

…which I’ll tell you more about in a bit…

for a very small fee, because I’m committed to cost effective solutions to helping therapists succeed.

But first, I have a question for you…

Do You Feel Overwhelmed and At Times You’re Just “Winging It” with How to Grow Your Practice?

Are you improvising without a proven approach?

Do you “trust the universe” but nothing happens?

Are you lacking momentum all together?

If you’re just “winging it,” you’re not alone. In the first part of my career, that’s what I did, too. But as I wanted more and my practice needed to expand, that’s when “winging it” just didn’t cut it anymore.

In fact, if I hadn’t done something different, it would have taken me at least 5-7 years to attain my goals in private practice.

So I Did Something That No Other Therapists Around Me Were Doing At The Time…

I began an intensive process of studying marketing. I had a good knowledge base from my experience in business earlier in my career, but times were different and I needed to educate myself on how to create a successful private practice.

I read a lot about the mindset of entrepreneurship, how to increase wealth consciously, using budgets and basic business tools in a small business model, the most important online marketing assets available, the artform of networking, among other things.

And after just a few months of implementing what I had learned, I reached my goals and was earning a six-figure salary while staying totally connected to my heart!

It wasn’t long after that experience that another huge change happened inside of me. I knew I needed to help other therapists reach their potential too. So, that’s when I started coaching other therapists with the methods I used to build my practice. And I started seeing similar results when they applied these techniques.

But, I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to offer this to as many therapists as possible. I knew that there was no reason this information shouldn’t be accessible to everyone.

I assembled a focus group of therapists…

Our focus group included therapists in various stages of career development and I designed online courses to teach them everything that had worked.

Virtually every aspect of marketing, promoting and growing your practice was created.Then we put them to the test…we gave this material to our focus group for feedback.

Our goal was simple: We wanted to make certain this material was organized in a way that anyone could apply it to their situation. And we wanted to make sure that it worked.

The First Tests Didn’t Go So Well…

It’s not that we outright failed. But we also didn’t hit the mark.

The focus group had a lot of unanswered questions. Not everyone’s learning style was addressed. A clear step-by-step approach wasn’t identifiable. And they wanted to feel more held around their emotional process.

So we did just that. Provided a solution to meet all of those needs. And then we handed them back the revised version of our digital library.


We now had something that produced results for therapists, was totally needed and wasn’t available elsewhere…

We created an entire approach with checklists, flowcharts, advanced video lessons for all learning styles, actionable steps, a community forum, online office hours…and that’s just to name a few!

In short, we had all aspects of a consciousness-based marketing and business growth system for therapists looking to excel in private practice…but something was still missing.

The “Missing Ingredient” To Rapid Practice Growth and Getting Unstuck Emotionally

Initially, our prices for our digital library were comparable to other comprehensive online training institutes, which meant a thousand dollars to access our entire approach. This was not accessible to everyone’s budget.

We have worked hard to find a cost effective solution for you to access this information. So, we decided to put literally ALL of our systems, checklists, videos, our forum…EVERYTHING…into an “open exchange” for you and other professionals.

The Higher Practice Institute for Private Practice Prosperity and Conscious Entrepreneurship

We called it the “Higher Practice Institute” (or “HPI,” for short), because that’s exactly what we are: An institute devoted entirely to therapists achieving their highest potential in private practice.

As an “Institute Member,” you get everything…education and hands on support for the the techy nuts and bolts of growing your business, community connection around the super inspiring aspects to practice growth, and encouragement along the crazy emotional journey that should never be ignored.

As we figured out exactly how to organize our institute, we systemized all our topics into sequential lesson plans that all our members can access.

Here’s a quick look at some of our lesson plans that are already waiting for you inside the Higher Practice Institute…

Developing Your Wealth Plan

Imagine a thriving practice that fulfills your mission and financial goals, while staying grounded in your values...

We start off with concrete exercises to help you identify your mission and vision as an entrepreneur. After establishing the “ground,” we introduce “hard” business skills with lessons such as: "Generating Six-Figures Authentically," "The Abundant Multi-Service Practitioner," and "The Higher Practice Success Plan."

The Psychology of a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you unpacked your feelings about creating a private practice? How about your relationship to money?

Emotional blocks are one of the biggest roadblocks that stop therapists from reaching their highest potential in private practice. In this plan we address issues such as: "Changing Behavioral Patterns That Stop You In Your Tracks," "Overcoming Any Money Shadow," and "How To Turn Expenses Into Generating New Clients."

Standing Out As a Practicioner

If you’re like most therapists, the thought of marketing yourself can be uncomfortable and scary.

The good news is that marketing yourself in our profession is actually more natural than you may think. By using modern branding concepts such as authenticity and storytelling, we’ll teach you how to "Attract Your Ideal Clients," "Write Stellar Content To Draw People To You," and "How to Create a Business Name and Logo."

The Undeniable Influence of Your Website

In our digital age, your website is your client’s first impression. A website can make or break a practice.

Most clients will have high expectations with anything related to technology. A website needs to tell the entire “story” of your private practice while on the cutting-edge of modern design. We will teach you the "Website 101: Basics," "Optimizing Your Site As a Therapist," and "Laser Sharp Marketing With Google Analytics?

Reach Thousands through Painless Online Marketing

We know navigating online marketing can be confusing, but it’s also essential to maintain a steady flow of clients.

We divulge all of the tips and tricks major companies use to leverage internet marketing, while helping you stay true to your authentic voice. You will learn how to "Blog Like a Pro," "Build an Email List to Nurture Leads," and "Use Social Media to Reach Thousands."

and so much more…

By joining today, you can have immediate access to our entire volume of nearly 15 lesson plans, almost 50 individual instructional videos, over 30 worksheets and our unique Higher Practice Success Plan…and we are always updating our institute with more lessons on the latest business and marketing strategies.

Our plans are without a doubt the ULTIMATE MARKETING system for therapists anywhere to finally cross off any item on your “To-Do List.”


As a Higher Practice Institute member, you also get to join our monthly live office hours.

Remember, how much I keep stressing how important it is to receive individual mentorship and support…

During the live office hours, you can ask questions related to your unique situation and I also teach on advanced topics.

So you will get exposed to the latest ways therapists are succeeding in practices, such as:

  • Leading Your Own Webinars
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Growing a Network of Thousands in Linkedin
  • How to Create a Local Workshop
  • Tripling Your Income as an Online Coach

and the list goes on…

Higher Practice
Institute Forum

As an Institute member, you’re also getting access to our private forum, “HPI Hub.”

HPI Hub is all about:

  • Sharing what’s working, and…
  • Getting help with what isn’t.
  • Learning from an international community.
  • Receive guidance from me and my team.
  • Get the emotional support you need.
  • Hear inspiring stories from other therapists.

So you get it all…

  • Our Entire Digital Library (all our videos, checklists, flowcharts, a Success Plan…literally every system we use to help therapists reach their goals in private practice…)
  • 24/7 Access To Our HPI HUB (so you can get help and support whenever and wherever), and…
  • Monthly “Office Hours” Calls (so you never have a question that goes unanswered)…

I’m Offering You – All of This – For Just $47.00 Per Month

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Exactly Is a Lesson Plan?

Our complete digital library is comprised of over 15 lesson plans.  Our lesson plans are designed to comprehensively teach you what you need to know about a given topic that’s important to building your practice. Lesson plans can have up to 6 individual instructional videos. They also may have worksheets, flowcharts and or other templates attached

Lesson Plans include:

  • 10-45 minute videos that integrates powerpoint slides with a visual recording of myself teaching this information for different learning styles.
  • Up to 6 individual videos per plan.
  • The video is segmented so you can easily follow along.
  • Worksheets, checklists and flowcharts designed to accompany what you learned in the video.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yep…all our trainings have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but we want to put your mind at ease and also we want you to be fully satisfied with you investment.

Also, you can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. We think you will love the institute and want to continue with us on your journey to attaining your goals, but we want you to always follow your heart.

How long will it take to get access to this institute?


Do you have any examples of other people who have used your guides to get good results?

Here are just a few…

“Taking Higher Practice lessons was exactly the spark I needed to move my part-time practice into the full-time career I’d been hoping for. The training invited me to look at my work from a whole new perspective resulting in a return to the heart and soul of my therapy practice. Now the clients who are drawn to my work are finding me.”

Theresa, Therapist

“The Higher Practice Institute is more than a training program – It’s a way of thinking. Along with providing practical skills, the institute has offered me a more holistic perspective into my career and life. After every lesson I feel more confident in my ability to relate to my inner AND outer world. Ultimately, what I’m taking away from this experience is knowing that I have the ability to provide excellent service while living the life I want to live! What a gift!”

Alex, Therapist

“The Higher Practice lessons have graced my life! It is empowering, practical, and employs deep wisdom about principles of creating a conscious and profitable business. As a professional in the healing arts creating my life of service and abundance, I cannot think of a better support than what Higher Practice has given me. The videos are astute and accessible and the hands-on worksheets ground the learning into the world. I cannot thank them enough for what they created, not just for me but for the global community.”

Jonah, Therapist